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The Unofficial Guide To Mountain Biking in BC…

British Columbia is widely regarded as the birthplace of modern mountain biking, a title which is well justified given the thousands of kilometers of world renowned trails throughout our beautiful province. Although this puts BC on most mountain biker’s bucket lists, merely deciding where to go with close to 1 million square kilometers of turf to choose from can be a challenge.

BCMountainBiking.com was created to ease these tough decisions.

We’re here to aid you in finding all things bike related and most importantly milk your riding time for everything it’s worth. BCMountainBiking.com is the ultimate resource for information on riding in British Columbia

Visit us before planning your next trip, whether an afternoon ride or a full vacation, so you can seamlessly pull together the details and make your BC Mountain Biking experience the ride of a lifetime.

Not sure where to start in our vast province, which is literally riddled with world class riding? Check out the tours and vacations section to find fully guided trips that will blow your mind and let you focus on riding rather than the details.

For the more independent rider, use BCMountainBiking.com to contact one of the many bike groups who will proudly show you their favorite trails or to find trail maps and head out to explore.

If something should go wrong with your trusty steed while ripping the loamy singletrack, we’ve got your back. With our extensive shop listings you’ll find help close to every trail system and in every major town in BC. Designed for use on your smart phone as well; the expertise and equipment you need to get back in the saddle is at your fingertips.

From bikes, service, components and apparel to bike parks, trail systems, camps and coaching; BCMountainBiking.com is the comprehensive authority on BC riding.

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