It may not look like summer but it must be here.


As one of the lucky +/- 5 million who get to live here in BC I know I’ll sound a little entitled when I admit I’m more than ready for summer. However, despite grey skies, drizzle and flooding in our neighbouring Province there are a few indications that summer has arrived. Lurking in the shadows and somewhat elusive but here nonetheless.

The first sure sign came a month ago when the Whistler Bike Park opened it’s doors to the masses of riders who wait all year to hit some of the best trails in the world. Perhaps a little early to call the beginning of summer here in BC, but year after year it gets people out on their bikes stoked to ride, and on the village patios equally happy to put back a beer after a day in the park. Opening day at Whistler has a reputation of being worth almost any sacrifice to hit and seems to kick off the yearly pilgrimage of riders who flood to BC from around the world.

Next up, and one that always makes me feel like the fairer season has arrived, is opening day at Silver Star Bike Park. Slated for two bonus days this weekend and full season ops on the 27th, the interior dirt will be calling to more than a few riders. I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to head up to Vernon each season to see what the brilliant minds of the Silver Star Trail Crew have come up with. From my first run down Pipe Dream a few years ago it was evident the builders and designers had a huge passion for riding and digging. Call it what you like, but I kinda love those dudes. When an abundance of near perfect dirt is mixed with passion and talent in equal measures, incredible trails seem to be a sure thing. The fact that interior weather is usually awesome and that lift lines are rare doesn’t hurt either.

Finally there is the BC Bike Race starting on June 29th. For me, there’s no better start to summer than getting to spend a week camping and hitting some of the best single track around coastal BC with 500 riders from around the world. This will be my third year with BCBR and each time it’s given me a new appreciation for just how good we have it here. Regardless of what the weather is doing and how battered peoples bodies are; it’s rare to see anything but smiles as riders experience just a taste of what BC has to offer.

Our summer may be a little later in coming each year than we’d like, and often fleeting as fall is always hot on it’s heels, but the bottom line is most riders in the world would give their left nut or nipple to be here for it. Bring on the incredible trails, unpredictable weather and being humbled by ten year old kids who ride better than I ever will, summer has hit BC and I’m stoked for it!


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