Why the Bear Mountain Enduro will be AWESOME...

Bear Mountain Enduro Map

I pre-rode the Bear Mountain Enduro course this morning and I’m officially STOKED.

I’d only ridden a few of the blue trails on Bear earlier this year so I really didn’t know what to expect but I can honestly say that if someone asked me to describe the perfect BC Enduro course this would be pretty damn close.

It starts out with an awesome climb with NO shuttle options (I won’t point fingers… Vedder) then it’s broken into two awesome but VERY different stages.

The first stage is VERY pedally and technical with lots of ups and downs. No relaxing but a ton of fun.

The climb to the second stage is about half the length of the climb to the first stage and then the fun really begins…

The second stage is a mix of flowy trails with just the right amount of ‘technical’ to keep it damn exciting. This stage is not as pedally but has some decent little climbs and then finishes with the entire Bear DH Course which is a blast. I was actually a little skeptical about riding my 6″ all mountain bike on a “DH” course but this trail rips. Tons of flow and none of the jumps are mandatory.

I figure this course will take most mortals over an hour to finish. Here’s the link to my Strava from today which was a leisurely pace and includes a big road section between the start and the finish which is not actually part of the race so you can probably factor out a good 15 minutes from my time…


So in summary, this race is going to be awesome and I would encourage anyone considering giving this whole ‘Enduro thing’ a try to come out this Saturday.

FVMBA does an outstanding job and I’d personally love to see more events like this but the only way it’s going to happen is if we show our support.

For all of the details and to register go to…


Stay tuned for some post event pics and video… that is assuming I remember to hit record on my damn GoPro this time.

Hope to see you there…

Derek Gehl

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Derek. This course definitely tested all the skills. Not to mention, with an incredibly low entry fee ($10), you get a lot of bang for your buck: well designed course, tons of vollies, and a lot of sweet swag from coffee to jerseys to bike helmets to beer.

    I will definitely be signing up for this series again next year! This is grassroots racing at its finest. Well done, FVMBA!

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